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Sikth - Pussyfoot

Sheep-ridden country, they pretend that’s it’s so free.
Falling, they’re bleeding, never really question why they die.

Swim in the lake of death, eaten by crocodiles. So, No-one saw, no-one cares.

Can you see beyond this?
Or does everything swamp your mind?

I don’t like the way tradition makes people behave.
Like a robot saying: “All be happy”
My point exactly.

You see,
You’re all the same
Dirty, fuckers gone insane
Hope there’s an earthquake and it swallows all evil.

Your mouth
You’ll find life
One day
You may see

Listen, these words may well
Teach you
To appreciate
And not to follow
Live before dying
But don’t-be-a-lone

This is not life you’re living now
Don’t let the fuckers make you frown
Look in their eyes, there’s nothing true
It’s up to you what you’re gonna do
This is your life, do not ignore
Look deep within, is there something more?
Think what to do before you act
Bleed on the floor ‘til you…

Just try
To think your
Own thoughts.

Sheep-ridden country
They pretend it’s so free
Falling, they’re bleeding
But never really question why they die.

So when you fall people watch you as you start to bleed
No pay per view, this show is free.

You must ask yourself,
Why am I here and what for..?

And when you die,
People, they will always cry
Only one thing is that you must be
Yourself while you’re living.

Live life live life now!

To be like all the same
Dammit, there’s no use
For you to have a name
Sheep 1 & sheep 2
The 2 of you.

You really need to speak
I’ll listen to you
Before you bleed
To be untrue

Live life live life…

Stand up
On your two feet
Nobody’s piece of meat
Don’t listen to the fashion fuckers on TV

So now you spit
Back in the face
Of things that control & dissolve your mind.

Why can’t you shout out
And why can’t you
Be yourself, fuck what others think
To be proud, to be you, must be
Don’t need to follow.

Too lazy to look within yourself
Is there something you don’t want to know
Or don’t want to see?

Why not let your mind grow?
Why exclude the unknown?
Maybe you also
Could be…

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This .


This .

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My life basically.


me: *listens to a new song*

me: I like this song.

me: *downloads song*

me: *downloads entire album*

me: *downloads entire discography*

me: *worships band*

me: *sells my soul*


Come as you are - Nirvana (1992)

Adam’s Song - Blink 182 (2000)

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